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By using small needles in different locations throughout the body, acupuncture can address a multitude of issues, from pain to depression, to infertility.  Needles are placed and the patient typically is able to become very relaxed.  Needles are left in place for about 20-25 mins.  Additional techniques such as electro-stimulation, heat lamp, massage and cupping are often added to the treatment.  A session typically lasts 45 mins.

Herbal Medicine

Dr. Katania uses Chinese herbal medicine as well as a variety of supplements to balance the body and address functional issues.  When used in conjunction with acupuncture and nutrition, the inputs of proper supplementation can make all the difference.  Often, long term herbal/supplemental support continue after regular acupuncture sessions cease.


Dr. Katania uses nutrition to address many disorders in conjunction with acupuncture and herbs.  Depending on the issue, elimination diets, anti-inflammatory diets or other targeted nutritional adjustments are used.


Acupuncture is an age-old technique used to stimulate blood flow, release adhesions in muscles and fascia and calm the nervous system.  By using small, hair-like needles inserted into the skin, a practitioner can elicit a number of natural responses in the body.  Pain signaling is slowed, blood flow is improved and the connective tissues relax.  Acupuncture has the amazing ability to assist in pain control and healing in the local area as well as system-wide.  It can be used to ease emotional pain as well as physical pain.  By accessing and relaxing the central nervous system, acupuncture is extremely effective at shifting us from the “fight-or-flight” side of the autonomic nervous system to the para-sympathetic, “rest, digest, heal” side of our nervous systems.  Modern society lives in a state of “fight-or-flight”.  This is the cause of many chronic illnesses, infertility, pain and emotional disorders.  A few sessions of acupuncture can assist in accessing deeper states of relaxation and meditation than one can typically achieve on their own.

Herbal Medicine and Supplementation

Herbal medicine can naturally address issues at the root cause level, or simply provide a gentler method of addressing any number of our modern ailments.  Targeted herbal and supplemental medicine often provide the missing links that allow the body’s systems to work harmoniously together.  Getting to the root cause and addressing seemingly minor deficiencies, we can address issues that do not fit into the mold of a “disease” and fall through the cracks of conventional medicine.  Dr. Katania uses lab results as well as detailed history and symptoms to determine the precise combination of herbs and supplements needed to begin to steer the body back to balance.  Her focus is on GI issues, female issues, pain, mood issues, infertility and autoimmune disorders.


Whether it is a minor elimination of problematic foods, or a major overhaul, foods play a huge role in healing.  If the body is irritated by a food, the food must be removed so the other inputs (acupuncture and herbs) can work.  Occasionally it requires only the temporary removal so the body can come back into balance.  Often certain foods must be eliminated indefinitely.  Adding and removing certain foods can have a huge impact on how we feel.  Pain syndromes, autoimmune disorders, and gastrointestinal dysfunction are hugely impacted by minor dietary adjustments.  Dr. Katania focuses deeply on GI issues.

Phone consults

Dr. Katania does phone consults for patients who cannot come into the clinic, or simply want to focus on nutrition and supplementation.  Whether you have had acupuncture and simply want to continue with Dr. Katania to maintain your health improvements, or you want to skip the acupuncture, in-office or distance consultations are available.  Email Dr. Katania if you are interested in a phone/Zoom consult.

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