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I see myself as an mom and avid researcher. On paper, I’m a nationally board-certified Acupuncturist and Oriental Medical Doctor. But mostly I’m a mother using her experience to demystify the health puzzle for moms everywhere. What I do is all about finding reliable information for the real issues on your mind. By sharing clear, back-to-the-basics health information, I’m here to arm you with the tools you need to eliminate the guesswork and feel more confident making health decisions for you and your family.


Let’s start with what makes sense for you and your family.



Stumped on an impossible question about health or wellness? Send it my way!


Katania has settled my worried mom mind!

I’ve contacted Katania for advice on countless occasions for medical care for me and my children. She has settled my worried mom mind every single time! I’m confident with her intelligent and knowledgeable guidance and suggestions, and know they stem from reputable research and facts. I’m extremely happy and grateful to have Katania as a resource.

— Clara | Mom, Seeker of Health

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