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30 minute Consult with Dr. Katania to Supercharge your Immunity and be a Warrior-Mom this “Cold and Flu” Season

As a mom and Doc of Holistic medicine, I KNOW the impacts of  being out with a cold, flu, or other virus for days or even weeks! That is why I want to hold your hand and GIVE YOU BACK YOUR POWER so you can enter this season like the Warrior Mom you are in every other area of your life!  With a few simple tools in your kit, you can diminish the length and severity of illness and often prevent them altogether!!  Email me for Consult.

30 mins for $40 (1/2 off my usual!) plus access to my physican-only on-line dispensary for your herbal and supplemental needs.

Also, get my downloadable Immunity Boosting and Netti Pot guides

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