This Program will begin on Oct. 9, 2017.  You may buy the entire 4 Weeks for $149, or buy each week separately as a “module” for only $49 each week.  Detailed descriptions of each week are below.  You may purchase at anytime before Oct. 9.  If you are doing individual Modules, you may start right away on your Module and you will get FaceBook Live support and email support from Katania once a week based on your Module.  The FULL 4-Week GROUP course will begin together on Oct. 9 with interactive Facebook Lives and video support.  Be sure to go over to the Facebook group as soon as you receive your invite as the Group interaction is very important!  So purchase now and then begin your Module Based Program right away, or the FULL Group support on Oct 9!


See what Carla had to say about how this Program changed her family’s health!  More testimonials at the bottom of the page.

Sneak Peak of what you’ll get- Webinar

This program is for you if:

  • You are concerned your child may not be getting the nutrients they need
    • Either because they are a picky eater
    • Or have food allergies
  • You know you need to diversify your child’s diet, but don’t know how
  • Your child is healthy, and you would like to keep it that way, FOREVER!
  • Your child struggles with frequent illnesses, infections, allergies, fatigue, etc.
  • Your child has behavioral issues such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders, etc.
  • Your child is struggling with or recovering from more severe health issues
  • Your child is athletic and you want to prevent injury and keep them strong
  • Your child participates in high-intensity, high-frequency and highly competitive sports and is struggling with injury, recovery or needs to prevent injury
  • You are planning to or trying to conceive- this lifestyle can help boost fertility!

This Program may not be for you if:

  • You have no interest in adding to or modifying your family’s diet, environment or habits
  • You have your diet, health, sleep, movement and lifestyle down pat
  • You know exactly how to prevent illness and long term health issues down the road for you and your family
  • You are a vegan or strict vegetarian (required foods:  eggs, some dairy, some meat or fish)

Tell me more!  What do the 4 weeks look like?

Week 1

  • In week 1, we will ADD foods to your repertoire that contain nutrients the we in the U.S. are desperately lacking.  We will discuss several categories of foods that provide a plethora of micro- as well as macro-nutrients which we all but avoid in the American diet and whose deficiency can be causally linked to virtually all the modern conditions we face in the U.S. today.  Children not only need the same nutrients as adults, but often 3-4 times the amounts we need because they are growing!

Week 2

  • In week 2, we will modify and tweak some of your favorite foods to maximize their nutrient density.  I am not removing foods completely from your diet, just showing you ways that preparation, modification and quality can amplify the nutrients exponentially.


  • In week 3, we will dive into lifestyle and movement, sleep and social time.  These are aspects that we don’t always realize can play an enormous role in our child’s health, both physically and emotionally.

Week 4

  • In week 4, I go into household toxins that you can easily eliminate by replacing cleaning supplies, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and fragrances.  You will learn where cancer-causing chemicals are lurking and why they are so detrimental to your family’s health.

Whether you choose to buy the entire 4-Week Program or Individual Modules, you will have all week to watch the lesson and access the bonus materials attached to each week’s lesson.  Throughout the week, I will send you additional videos of recipes and motivational content and go Live on the Private Facebook page to answer your specific questions at least twice during each week.  You will have access to Katania through email and the Private Facebook Page throughout the week. You will have a growing community of students who have gone through the program to support you on the FB page during the Program and for as long as the group exists.

Check out what my son, Ashton has to say about the program!

I’m still not sure….. Why do I need to add these foods to my child’s diet?  Why do I need to worry about toxins in my home?  Our home is new, and clean and I don’t use chemicals, (I don’t think)?!

I. Adding Foods

  1. The foods we discuss are special, missing foods with nutrients that we are  lacking. Adding the foods in this Program to your diet will improve digestion, heal the intestinal lining so that you absorb nutrients, improve immune function, skin health and brain function, mental health and energy.  They will help prevent overuse injuries and sports injuries in your kids.  They also help heal the skin and mucus linings preventing allergies and asthma.  We are lacking in the nutrients that come from these foods because these foods are not as prevalent in our diets as they once were- humans evolved to rely on these nutrients, and without them in our diet, we are suffering an increasing number of chronic, degenerative diseases.

II. Switching and modifying foods

  1. Certain foods in the American diet are laden with chemicals, GMO’s, processed, damaged molecules and indigestible anti-nutrients.  Simply by making different purchasing decisions, preparing/cooking differently and thinking differently about your food sources will amplify your family’s health immensely!

III. Sleep, movement and social habits

  1. Sleep is a NUTRIENT.
  2. The way our kids move is essential to their well-being today and contributes to their vitality and long-term health.
  3. Social habits affect humans profoundly. Electronics are damaging our social skills and brains.  I will explain why and what to do about it.

 IV. Detoxifying your house

  1. There are toxins lurking in places you would never guess. This may not worry you until you learn what these toxins are doing to the longevity and long-term health outcomes of our population.  I’ll explain where, how and why.  In simple terms.


Testimonial from Laura: 

Katania’s program was very informative. The weekly video was convenient for my busy schedule. The zoom calls helped to clarify details and answer specific questions I had regarding the health tips. It was also encouraging to chat with other people who were also working on the program. I’m a very health conscious individual and enjoy educating myself on nutrition. Some of the program discussed topics I’m familiar with, however I found the review refreshing. Other topics were discussed in further detail giving me a greater understanding and also a plan for implementing positive changes in my family’s routine. I’m glad I have access to the program for 6 mo so I can refresh my knowledge with videos or reference the files as needed. Overall I recommend this program to individuals and families just starting to learn healthy habits as well as those who feel they have more experience.

Testimonial from Rachel on Cavity Prevention Program: 

I’m a mom of three and I became a client of Katania’s hoping to improve my family’s overall health and put a stop to the cavities we were battling. Katania listened to my concerns and addressed them with a personalized program, and I’m happy to say that we’ve had great results! I am now confident that we are getting the nutrients we need, and my kids are cavity-free!! Katania doesn’t just make recommendations; she explains them in an understandable way that makes sense. She also provides the tools to succeed and is a constant resource, which was imperative to our success. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about health and prevention, and I love having her as a professional resource for my family’s wellness needs.  ~Rachel 

Still unsure of this program? Contact me today so I can put all of your fear aside