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Hi! I’m Dr. Katania. Holistic Gut Health Guru

Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD)| Functional Medicine

You’re a woman, you’re successful—a woman who’s always in the driver seat, making decisions and taking charge. Staying healthy, feeling good and on top of your game is your M.O.  and you’re frustrated by all the inconsistent, contradicting, all-but-worthless health information that’s out there. You have had gut issues for as long as you can remember and it’s getting old!  And NO ONE seems to have the answers.  At least not that work for you.  You’ve been to doctors, you’ve tried the usual food elimination and pills and…..  NOTHING.  You are bloated, gassy, crampy, in pain, and either can’t go far from a toilet, or WISH you needed to use one.

You’re fed up.

I’ve been there!  As a holistic doctor, I have always worked with gut issues as they are ALWAYS walking through our doors, as a last resort, because 5 medical doctors told them there is nothing wrong!  And I HAVE BEEN THERE PERSONALLY!

8 years ago, I couldn’t go far from a bathroom.  I could barely make my 8 minute morning commute.  I would sit in the parking lot at work, breathing through cramps, waiting for a lull in the pain and urgency, so I could rush to the nearest restroom, praying no one stopped me to say “hi”.   Pain was so intense sometimes, I would break into a sweat.  It is NO WAY to live!  I even ate a “heathy”, Paleo diet that removed all the foods I KNEW as a doctor caused gut issues.  I was stumped.  I needed to do more research on what the heck was going on with me and why my training and expertise was not getting me answers.

So study, research and learn I did.  And treat myself.

Now, 8 year later, I consider myself and expert on Gut Health.  Conventional medicine has little to offer even the mildest of GI complaints.  What happens when you’ve tried EVERYTHING and you are still sick?

Today, I have developed a protocol that saved my gut as well has 1000’s of my patients’ GI and overall health.

You’ve been through the ringer enough times, told there was “nothing wrong” one time too many times, tried the same-old advice over and over to no avail.

It’s enough.

It’s time to finally have some answers to your GI troubles and once and for aLL TAKE BACK CONTROL  AND BE FREE of bathrooms, pain, worry and Food-phobia.  LOVE food again, get clarity, once again trust your instincts and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK!



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