Cupping therapy come from Ancient Chinese Medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. Read this article on the benefits of cupping.

I use cupping regularly in clinic for unresponsive muscle tension, chronic muscle tension and other pain syndromes.  I use it frequently in people who work out frequently and rigorously and are sore.  Body-builders, martial artists, and anyone engaged in high-intensity sports can greatly benefit from cupping. So can many others, however, you may not AUTOMATICALLY be a candidate for cupping.  Fibromyalgia, Auto-immune diseases and weaker or frail bodies and constitutions may react badly to cupping.

Who can do cupping?

Cupping is currently practiced by many manual therapists, including massage therapists, chiropractors and PTs.  Fire Cupping, the use of a flame to vacuum suction the cups to the body should only be used by Acupuncturists or someone with many hours of practice.  It can be very dangerous. Please ask your practitioner how much training they have had if they are NOT and OMD in Nevada.  Massage Therapists in NV are not allowed to do fire cupping.

Dry Needling- what is it and who practices it?

Dry Needling (DN) is term used frequently by Physical Therapists for the practice of inserting acupuncture needles into their patients.  DN IS acupuncture.  Another word for the technique of DN is trigger point therapy or trigger point needling and Acupuncturists incorporate this technique daily. Although acupuncture STYLES vary and some L.Ac.s and OMD may use LESS of this style of treatment, it is a part of Acupuncture education and treatment protocols.  Physical Therapists who practice DN are regulated by their state boards and states differ on standards and level of regulation.  Nevada currently has no regulation and no standards for training.  Although the Boards are working to rectify this lack of oversight, the current state of affairs in Nevada is that PTs learn to needle in 1 weekend and begin to practice in their clinics on patients the following Monday.  I urge patients to ask their PTs who are offering DN how long they have been practicing and how many patients they have treated.  If the answer is less that 300 hours and fewer than a couple hundred patients, I advise caution.  Needle injury IS possible, despite the size of the needles.  Organ damage and nerve damage can occur.  Experience is essential!  L.Ac.s and OMDs have over 2000 hours of training and clinical supervision before they graduate their programs.  If you have ANY questions or issues, I am happy to discuss this further with you.  If you or anyone you know has been injured by needling, either by a PT or OMD in Nevada, please report the injury to the Board of Physical Therapy or the Board of Oriental Medicine.


I get asked for consultations frequently.  Over the past 16 years, my answer has become, “No, I do not do free consultations”.  Here is why.  Acupuncture is safe for just about ANY disease, disorder or injury.  Each person responds differently.  I would advise ANYONE to give it a try.  It may not cure your disease, but usually can reduce symptoms, reduce inflammation, improve sleep and quality of life, etc.  In the RARE situations where we would deny treatment, we typically have to see the patient and do a complete intake to determine if they are the RARE candidate NOT TO RECEIVE ACUPUNCTURE.  This cannot be decided in a brief interview.  If we decide you should not undergo treatment, the session is stopped and there is no charge.  So what have you got to lose!

I look forward to seeing you in my Clinic and working with you to achieve your health goals!

Dr. Katania