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My 2021 Renewal And Resilience Plan

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Dr. Katania’s  2021 Renewal and Resilience  Plan

Detox is a fancy word that means a lot of different things.  The alternative medicine world is full of detox plans, cleanses, fasts etc all touted to cleanse the liver, GI and other organs.  I have always been cautious of these protocols.  Perhaps because my constitution does not do well with some of these protocols, I have been hesitant to do them, recommend them or even research them.  However, I have recently been prompted to do a deep dive into “detoxing”.  Prompted by requests from patients, the need to cleanse after the “Covid lockdowns” and accompanying stress and my own body’s changing needs, (hormones, and …. I’ll be turning 48 in Jan!), I have created (and been using) the following plan for you!

I see this “cleanse” that I have put together as a complete, whole-body-mind-spirit renewal.  I have created it with both physical and spiritual resilience in mind.  Because I believe deeply that we are what we think and how we feel, I could not recommend a body cleanse without a mental/spiritual renewal aspects.  

I also still believe that cleanses need to be very gentle and supportive, with alternatives for those with gut issues, blood sugar issues, etc.   My cleanse consists of real foods, liver support and lifestyle ideas to gently encourage cleansing-  not pushing an already taxed system to purge.  

A little about the liver and how it detoxes

The liver is a miraculous organ.  It does so many jobs it’s astounding.  It is not, as commonly thought, just a filter, where toxins accumulate and are stored.  The liver is a like a packaging, manufacturing and shipping plant.  It must house a multitude of nutrients in order to properly bind, package and ship our toxins, cholesterols, triglycerides, fats, enzymes etc to the right places.  Toxins DO NOT stay in the liver.  They are shipped out.  However, without the proper packaging supplies (nutrients), it can’t effectively do its job, gets backed up in one of its phases and then the whole system suffers.  

My plan is to provide the liver with the nutrients it needs to properly do its job.  It is already doing an amazing job on a daily basis.  We just need to give it some love and support.  Not bully it into doing more.  

I caution against lots of detox herbs, like milk thistle, which push the detox process, without supporting the nutrients needed to package up the toxins.  

This article by the Paleo Mom does a great job of explaining this process.  The image below is from her article.  

How to do this cleanse

My Renewal and Resilience Plan is meant to be done gently and slowly, by listening to your body and not pushing past yucky symptoms.  Some mild symptoms like nausea may just mean you need to eat some solid food, took a supplement or powder on an empty stomach, or need to reduce the dose.  But feeling truly awful IS NOT THE GOAL OR INTENT OF THIS PLAN AND MEANS YOU NEED TO STOP.   If you are really sensitive to supplements, fasts, green powders or whatever, then simply eat your normal diet, and add in a green smoothie once a day; gently begin adding more veggies; cut out sugar; take the supplements on a FULL stomach; only do 1 piece of this protocol, etc.  I will go into detail on the options and phases of this plan below. 


If you have gut issues, SIBO, a sensitive stomach, or looser stools, you will want to go easy on the Green Powder smoothie.  The Collagen powder will be great for you, but the excess greens may not.  So go slowly, only add a small amount of greens and even go easy on the fresh veggies and fruit as snacks.  If you would like to consult with me first, please email me so we can have a consult to fine-tune your plan.  If you develop gut issues after starting this plan, email me so we can discuss and fine-tune.  Excess fiber can be hard on IBS and SIBO.  Stick to soups, cooked veggies and the collagen powder if you have serious gut issues. 

If you have blood sugar issues, you will not want to fast nor live on this green smoothie.  I recommend ONLY adding the Green powder and collagen into your REGULAR dietary plan.  Do not skip meals and do not use the Greens First Berry powder.  

If you are not currently my patient, you will need to do a consult with me before beginning this plan.  Please email me for scheduling. Consults for this plan only are $50 for a brief chat to determine your health needs and limitations.  

Here’s the Plan

10 days before starting the plan, do the following:

Decide what level of the plan you want to take on.  Are you willing to go all in? Is your health good enough to do a  light cleanse?  Or do you just want to add a supplement to your daily regimen that will support your liver?  This is totally fine!  

Decide if you want to make this a big deal and start on Jan 1 (or 5, or the first day back from break/vacation).  Or do you just want to support your body starting now, through the holidays and not make a big deal about “New Years Resolutions”.  I find that making a big deal about New Year’s Resolutions sets me up to fail.  I prefer to just do what is good for me as soon as it is convenient.  Why not detox after Thanksgiving and support my liver through Christmas?  It is not an all-or-nothing proposition.  Just a gentle, supportive way to treat your body on a regular basis.  So, up to you!  You build your own plan here!

Once you decide, place your order for whichever supplements you want from the list below and begin:

  1. Place order.  Supplements may take up to 10 days to arrive.
  2. Begin drinking more water.  Aim for 60-90 oz per day.  Optional:  Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into your water first thing in the morning.  Be sure to rinse with pain water after drinking lemon-infused water to rinse acid off teeth.  Do not brush teeth within 30 mins of drinking lemon water!  Rinse with plain water first.
  3. Add more veggies to your diet
  4. Cut out sugar and processed carbs
  5. Start doing Epsom salts baths 2-3 times per week.
    1. Purchase a bag of epsom salts without any scent
    2. Add 1-2 cups into bathwater
  6. Begin walking, stretching, gentle workout, yoga, just moving your body daily
  7. Buy a shower brush and start brushing your body when you clean in the shower or bath 2 times per week.  Read this article about how to’s and the difference between “dry brushing” and “wet brushing”.  Personally, I just use a brush in the shower a couple times a week.
  8. Start meditating daily.  Many resources in my book and Youtube;
    1. “Joy Now” by me- email me for your copy!
    2. Boho Beautiful:
    3. Dexter and Alessandrina:
    4. Walking meditation;

       I.   Castor oil abdominal packs:  this one is an oldie but goodie.  It may seem super old- school, but research is proving how and why it works for liver detox, endometriosis, abdominal adhesions, pain and cramping, and many other forms of inflammation.    This sticky oil is rolled onto the belly and covered with a plastic wrap (cuz its really messy), a damp towel and then a heating pad or hot water bottle.  Here is one link for the how and why.  If you are interested in this relaxing, but slightly time-consuming detox and pampering protocol, be sure to order the castor oil roll-on.

Once your goodies arrive, begin in the tiered approach below:

  1. Shakes and Supplements
    1. Blend your green/ collagen shake for breakfast.  You may still have coffee.  Please keep your coffee organic.  Please try to use organic cream or half and half and get away from the fake creamers
    2. 2 hours later, or when you get hungry, eat your breakfast.  If you are choosing to and are able to, skip breakfast and wait for lunch.  Or have a light snack.  If you do eat breakfast, keep it light.  Eggs, veggies, oatmeal, soup, yogurt.  Whatever your normal is, but choose form low sugar, high protein options.  Try to avoid breads, baked items.  See resources below for a clean, lower carb, paleo type diet.
  2. Lunch
    1. Option 1:  eat your normal lunch; take your supplements
    2. Option 2:  eat a large salad with oil and vinegar, and if needed, add a clean protein like grass fed beef, organic chicken or tuna;  take your supplements
    3. Option 3:  if you are feeling energetic and not starving, have another green/collagen shake as a lunch replacement. Take your supplements only when you have eaten some solid food.
    4. Snacks:  veggies, fruit, nuts, lean meats, or another shake.  (only do 2 green/collagen shakes per day)
    5. Dinner:  Lots of veggies, clean meats, bone broth soup, with chicken, lots of veggies.  Skip the processed foods, grains, breads.  You can keep this meal normal, or clean it up a lot.  Ideally, organic, lower carb, Paleo diet is my recommendation.  Great resource here: and here: and here:
    6. It is up to you how much you change the rest of your diet.  You can simple add in the shakes and supplements, and change nothing else.  OR you can substitute 1-2 meals per day with the shakes.  Follow your body!  Go easy and do not starve yourself.  
    7. If you feel nauseous, eat some real food.  Do not take supplements until you have eaten solid food.  Get your protein!  Whether it’s chicken, fish, beef, beans, get some solid protein in. The collagen will provide some protein, but not enough.
    8. Only do max of 2 shakes per day.  Eat solid snacks and dinner.  
    9. Recipes below for bone broth soup, chicken soups, paleo meals, clean eating foods, etc. 
  3. Supplements only plan
    1. Take your supplements with a moderate meal.  If you eat a small breakfast, take supplements with lunch and dinner

Low carb paleo info and recipes here:

Chicken soup with Bone broth:

List of supplements:

  1. Green powder with enzymes and probiotics.  SIBO friendly.
  2. Collagen powder, multi-collagen powder.  I recommend vanilla, as it blends with everything
  3. Green Berry powder- adds the antioxidants from fruits and makes the shake sweeter and more palatable.
  4. Liver support nutrients- multi nutrient supplement


  1. Castor Oil Roll-on
  2. Added GI support; in powder or capsule form
  3. Added hormone support in powder form to add to smoothie

What to do now:

Email me at [email protected].  Tell me which supplement plan you want:

  1. Powders/Shakes only
  2. Liver support nutrients only
  3. Powders/shakes plus liver support nutrients. 
  4. Add Castor oil
  5. All of it plus GI support
  6. All of it plus hormone support


In Health!

~ Dr. Katania

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