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Hi! I’m Dr. Katania. let me tell you how I integrate functional Medicine and

targeted supplementation into my chinese medicine practice

Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD)| Functional Medicine

You’re a go-getter, you’re successful—a  person who’s always in the driver seat, making decisions and taking charge. Staying healthy, feeling good and on top of your game is your M.O.  and you’re frustrated by all the inconsistent, contradicting, all-but-worthless health information that’s out there. Maybe you have had gut issues for as long as you can remember, or perhaps, pain, headaches, fatigue or some other nagging, chronic problem–  and it’s getting old!  And NO ONE seems to have the answers.  At least not that work for you.  You’ve been to doctors, you’ve tried the usual food elimination and pills and…..  NOTHING.

You’re fed up.

I’ve been there!  As a holistic doctor, I have always worked with chronic issues as they are ALWAYS walking through our doors, as a last resort, because 5 medical doctors told them there is nothing wrong!  And I HAVE BEEN THERE PERSONALLY!

I have suffered several, seemingly incurable, annoying, chronic issues for which western medicine was mostly useless.  So I began to study, went to school and kept right on studying.

My years of self-experimentation, study and passion have made me somewhat of an expert in using a blend of naturopathic supplements, functional nutrition and Chinese medicine to help, reverse and manage many baffling, chronic conditions.

You’ve been through the ringer enough times, told there was “nothing wrong” one time too many times, tried the same-old advice over and over to no avail.

It’s enough.

It’s time to finally have some answers to your pain, headaches, GI discomfort, mood issues and fatigue-  and once and for ALL TAKE BACK CONTROL and GET SOME MEASURE OF  YOUR LIFE BACK!

The combination of Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, functional medicine and targeted nutritional plans work wonders in combination.  Set your appointment today!



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