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join us for a small, intimate, powerful

group workshop where you will learn to infuse

your life with more joy,

discover your bliss, and maintain peace in your

life, Even during interesting times like these!

Saturday, Sept. 26

9am – 1:30pm

One Sky Natural Health Clinic

645 Sierra Rose, Ste 102B

Reno, NV 89511

(next to the Shot Spot on north-west side of building, exterior door)


To sign up for this amazing workshop, please call, text or email Dr. Katania.  Credit card payment can be accepted over the phone to reserve your spot.  775-742-2769. [email protected]

Details about the “Find Your Bliss Meditation Workshop”

Cost:  $100

  1. This 4.5 hour workshop will divided into 4- 45 min sections.  Each section will be led by a different practitioner.  Each of our amazing leaders will teach you something unique and inspiring.  You will be immersed in an experience that you will not forget!  This will be like a spa day for you.  However, you will also leave with profound experience and knowledge as to how to continue your practice of mindfulness, meditation and self-care.  You will learn methods of mindfulness, yoga and other movement, varieties of meditation, Tapping, HeartMath technique, and much more!  Our goal is to give you a plethora of tools to take with you to maintain more peace, joy and centeredness in your life.  
  2. We will have a small snack break half way through, so please bring your own snack and water.
  3. What to bring:
    • Yoga mat
    • blanket
    • yoga pillow or regular pillow to lay on mat comfortably
    • sweatshirt- to stay warm
    • water
    • snack
    • notebook- to take notes as you learn!
  4. We will provide:
    • extra mats
    • blankets
    • chairs
    • some educational materials
  5. *** Space is very limited in this workshop.   Due to space size and health regulations, we will only have 12 attendees.  Total number of people, including the teachers will not exceed 16.  All health and safety protocols are being followed.  This venue is Dr. Katania Taylor’s acupuncture clinic.  It is new, clean and comfortable.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Taylor.

To sign up for this amazing workshop, please call, text or email Dr. Katania.  Credit card payment can be accepted over the phone to reserve your spot.  775-742-2769. [email protected]

Your Workshop Leaders

Dr. Katania Taylor, OMD, owner of One Sky Natural Health

Dr. Katania Taylor, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic medicine has been integrating meditation and mindfulness into her practice for the the past year with amazing results.  She loves teaching patients how to use meditation in conjunction with acupuncture to reach a deep state of relaxation.  She believes that acupuncture is a “cheater’s way to meditate”, which make combining the two, very powerful.  During this meditation workshop, Dr. Katania will be teaching mindfulness, how to discover your bliss, how controlling our emotions and thoughts is essential to maintaining joy, peace and in manifesting our desires.  She will teach how to use meditation to reprogram our subconscious habits and lead a life with more ease and joy.  Addressing the Law of Attraction and explaining how to REALLY manifest your best life, Dr. Katania will leave you with tools to thrive, especially in the hard times we are currently experiencing.

Dr. Katania is your contact for this workshop.  Please call, text or email her to sign up or ask questions.  775-742-2769, [email protected]

Deanna Mandichak, PT

Deanna has been a physical therapist for 28 years, and health coach for 10 years.  She now also offers private healing sessions using holistic and alternative therapies, including mind-body releases.  We are all made of energy, and it is important to release all blockages we have neurologically to allow the body to heal, as well as nourish it with what we put in it and how we think.  She uses BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique, breathing exercises, tapping, heart math, and energy techniques to help people to heal and manage stress, to move forward into a better future. 

      During this day of healing, Deanna will be teaching how to muscle test, and how the nervous system is affected by life events, and how it then affects our physical body.  You will learn techniques and exercises to help release these blocks you create, and how to reduce your “fight or flight” response and move our bodies into the restful healing mode.  You will feel more “symmetrical” and relaxed and have some new tools to use simply at home to heal and feel better. 

Marie  Harger,  Yogi,  Ayurvedic  Practitioner

Marie L. Smith-Harger is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Yoga teacher. She has been teaching people about their bodies through movement since 1984.  She began her Yoga practice in 1993. Marie graduated from the University of Reno Nevada with a degree in Communication and Psychology, completed a 2 year sports medicine training, taught at TMCC for 15 years, developed community and individual wellness programs for health clubs and businesses for over the past 20 years. In addition, she was the editor for the wellness magazine “Healthy Beginnings” and has completed multiple Yoga trainings including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, and over 500 hours of Parayoga.  Her Yoga training has advanced her level of knowledge and has followed the ancient Tantric Science and tradition with Parayoga.

Other qualifications:

-Certificate Nevada Psyclogical Association Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: Principles and Practices. 2011

-Certified Hypnotherapist graduated from Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy in 1992.

-200 Hour Teacher Yoga training 1998 with Yogalink International

-500 Hour Parayoga Teacher training from 2007 until 2016

-40 Teacher Training with Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini

-200 Hour Teacher Yoga training with Anusara alignment based Yoga training

-200 Hour Massage Therapy training completed in 1988 with Body Ease Massage -School in San Jose, CA (worked extensively with Physical Therapist as a technician at the Better Health Clinic with Chronic Pain patients, Campbell CA)

-200 Hour Sports Medicine Training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 1994.

-Touch Therapy and PNF Therapy 1994 manual active stretching and trigger point therapy for muscle engagement and release of spasms, resistance and other muscular limitations.  This includes myofascial release.

Kathy Enking, BSN, Nutritionist

Kathy has a 30 year background in Holistic Nursing and wellness. She has helped people navigate their way out of our current medical system and achieve independence from pharmaceutical medications as well as expensive and often unnecessary medical treatments.  Kathy believes in food as medicine and the body’s ability to heal itself. This ultimately led her to study nutrition and learn tools and techniques to decrease overall stress on the body.

Her latest passion involves educating others on an exciting new area of research called Nutrigenomics, nutrition for your genes.

She enjoys cooking, spending time with family, exploring the outdoors hiking, biking and paddling, art, dance, yoga, traveling, reading and helping people take charge of their own health. Kathy brings years of experience as a mother, breastfeeding educator, student and teacher of dance and extensive study of movement therapy as well as EFT (emotional freedom technique) to others. 

Kathy suffered from depression for many years and chose a holistic approach combining diet, exercise and various forms of meditation to overcome this difficult and often misunderstood disease. 

Kathy will be teaching you some tapping techniques to help release stress and anxiety, as well as create a gratitude practice so you can experience more joy, freedom and abundance in your life.


To sign up for this amazing workshop, please call, text or email Dr. Katania.  Credit card payment can be accepted over the phone to reserve your spot.  775-742-2769. [email protected]

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