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Cavities Answered

Cavities are the #1 Childhood disease in the United States.  Shouldn’t we be aggressively attacking this issue from all angles?  Unfortunately, even the best-intentioned dentists are ONLY attacking it from the “topical, acidogenic” perspective.  Do you think your teeth are a part of your body?  Do you think your overall health affects your mouth and teeth health?  Do you think that what you eat can affect your teeth MORE DEEPLY than just what TOUCHES THEM?  Well, you’d be right.  There is soooo much more to the story.  In fact, ONLY worrying out what touches or sits on our teeth is like only acknowledging the tip of an iceberg and ignoring what’s under the surface.  Not the smartest idea if you ask Leonardo and Kate. (hehe, hint: Titanic– sorry, had to do it)


If your kids (or you) have cavities despite “perfect oral hygiene (brushing and flossing daily) {*nearly}” and regular dental check ups, and despite avoiding acidic drinks and brushing after eating sugar {*usually}, then you might be interested in learning about the Missing Pieces of the puzzle.  There are a few ways to start gathering the Pieces.



My Cavity Prevention and Oral Health Program was designed to put IT ALL together in 1 place.  For only $120, you get 2 hours of lecture, backed by videos, recipes, shopping lists, PDFs with the complete plan to follow, exactly what to eat, what not to eat, what to supplement with, how to take them and where to buy them AND DIY home recipes for reversing and preventing cavities and gum disease.  Check it out by clicking on the cute girl ( she just had her dental visit and is cavity free for the first time in 3 years!) {an actual client case, but not actually the client}.



If you’re not quite ready to jump into a 4 module Program, you can:

Increase the Nutrients that support teeth and gums by getting my TOP RATED, ESSENTIAL SUPPLEMENTS FOR CAVITY PREVENTION. 

Note: these are affiliate links. I make a commission on the purchase of these products, however your price doesn’t change.  I only affiliate with companies and products I trust 100%.

See my post on supporting and healing athletic injury.  Teeth, their sockets, gums and tooth ligaments have the same soft tissue as joints, bones, tendons and ligament throughout the body!  Collagen and the nutrients in organ meats and bone broth, etc support teeth and gum health like crazy!  { You know what’s so cool?  Most of the health issues I discuss can all be healed with a few key foods and targeted supplements!  It’s all intricately linked!   So helping your daughter heal from a sports injury is pretty much the same dietary plan that will help heal her cavities!!!   Pretty cool right?}


Essential supplement #1 for healing and preventing cavities:

The BEST Kid’s Multivitamin.  A great way to make sure your child is getting the minerals they need for strong teeth. 

Recipe for Remineralizing Mouth Wash


1/2 tsp baking soda, aluminum free or this one

2 tsp calcium carbonate powder

1 tsp xylitol crystals

10 drops concentrated trace minerals

20 drops of your favorite essential oils

{Neem Enamelizer, Happy Gum Drops,

Wild Child Happy Gum Drops)

(clove, peppermint, orange, frankincense, myrrh)

2 cups filtered water


In a glass measuring cup, combine the baking soda, calcium powder and xylitol crystals. 

Add in the trace minerals and essential oils.  Stir

Add water and shake. 

Place in bathroom. Shake before use.


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Dr. Katania

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