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Cavity Prevention Podcast #3

Paula and I discuss Cavities and Cavity Prevention and some alternative and nutritional/supplemental ways to support healthy teeth.  For tons of additional info, recipes and freebies on Cavity Prevention, go over to My Toolkit and download everything you need!

Listen to an amazing interview (part 1 and part 2) that I did with Holistic Dentist and Functional Orthodontist Dr. Brad Munninger DDS for lots more on cavities, mouth health, jaw health and so much more!  If you aren’t familiar with Functional Orthodontia, Part 2 is a MUST LISTEN.  If your kids need braces, or even just slightly need braces; or if they snore, have nightmares, fatigue, ADD, headaches or mood issues, you HAVE to listen to what Functional Orthodontia MIGHT be able to do for your child’s health.


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