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Immunity Support FB Live Show notes

Essential Oils for acute illness:

My favorite, and highest quality EO’s here.  Living Libations Immune blend:  Illume Classic Camphorous

My favorite individual oils:

peppermint for pain, sinus congestion, opening up chest and head, fever reduction

Melaluca (tea tree oil): for anti-viral, anti-parasite, antibiotic- can rub on lymph nodes, gargle (watered down!)

Oregano:  strong anti-microbial (all bugs), good on bottoms of feet;  burns so do not apply anywhere neat except bottoms of feet! Can take internally in a capsule, not straight in mouth

Doterra blends I love:

On Guard: preventive and early stage illness; internally, topically and diffused

Breathe:  opens up chest, prevents asthma, loosens phlegm- works as well as Mucinex and inhalers!

To get a wholesale account with Doterra, email Katania at [email protected]

Read a thorough article I wrote on Essential Oils.

Work with me for targeted immune support and online Rx tailored to you!


Essential supplement #1 for immunity, Contains Vitamins A, D and K2: 


The BEST Kid’s Multivitamin.  

Support GI immunity!  80% of immunity is in the Gut!

Vitamin C is ESSENTIAL to immune health!

Check out my Podcast on Immune building

Chronically sick?  Kids just not staying healthy? Suffering from immune issues, allergies, brain and mood issues?  My 4-Module program will get your family’s immune system in top shape.  I am ready to learn more!

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In health!

Dr. Katania

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