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Acupuncture, cupping, electro-acupuncture and cupping:  these Asian modalities provide relief from all sorts of maladies, from pain, to migraines, GI issues, mood issues, reproductive issues, and so much more

Chinese Herbal Medicine, Functional medicine targeted supplementation:  Whether combined with acupuncture or used alone, herbal medicine and supplementation are powerful tools for correcting imbalances, reducing inflammation, reducing infectious burdens, calming the nervous system, supporting organs and organ systems, improving endocrine function and so much more!

Nutrition:  Dr. Katania primarily recommends targeted diets for specific issues, such as gastrointestinal issues, auto-immune issues, allergies and bladder issues.

Lab interpertation:  Although Dr. Katania typically does not order labs because they are not covered by insurance if she orders them, she can order labs and is very experienced in interpreting lab results and uses them to tailor her supplemental and dietary recommendations.  She is most versed in cholesterol lab interpretation, thyroid labs, and anything related to immune disregulation and gut issues.

Hormone Testing: Dr. Taylor is currently offering Dutch Testing!  Dutch testing is an indepth way to peep into the deep functional health of your hormones, detoxification pathways, adrenal health, endocrine health, sleep cycles and more.  We can use it to help us figure out energy issues, hormone dysfunction, chronic unexplained pain, insomnia and so much more.  The cost ranges from $400-$600 depending on the test Dr. Taylor thinks is best for you.  You will receive a test kit to do in the comfort of your home using urine and saliva.  Once results are back, Dr. Taylor will review them and put together a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to your detailed hormonal and functional needs.

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