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My Top Picks for Toothpaste and Powders

I am not going to go into too much detail here about why I choose these tooth pastes and powders, but I wanted to put simple links to the tooth pastes and powders I use and highly recommend.  You can read all about cavity prevention here and here.

For many reasons, (more reasonsI do not regularly have my kids use fluoride toothpaste and there are MANY other chemicals and additives in regular toothpaste that is detrimental and can cause cavities.  Glycerine is one of these additives.  Glycerine coats your teeth like a plastic blanket and doesn’t allow remineralization to happen to the enamel.  For this reason, my family avoids glycerine in toothpaste when possible, and you should too, ESPECIALLY WHEN TYRING TO HEAL CAVITIES AND REMINERALIZE TEETH.

My favorite line of oral care products are Living Libations. This is a line of clean, potent and unadulterated ingredients put together by Nadine Artemis, who is a master at Essential Oils uses, blends and purity.  Check out her line of Oral care products here.

Living Libations Goodies

Here are more of my favorite, Super Remineralizing Tooth Powders and Pastes:



Living Libations is also available at Amazon.



Living Libations
Living Libations, gum healing paste


 .         These three products come from an amazing company in Redmond, WA, making organic, mouth friendly toothpastes, rinses and remineralizing drops!

Contact me and check out my Healthy Kids Programs for more ways to help prevent and heal cavities!  Topical treatments like the powders and pastes above are as important as Nutrition!  I’ll help you put it all together!

Check out my Cavity Prevention Podcast!


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