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Podcast #14: Nadine Artemis on Healing Your Mouth and Your Body

Meet Nadine Artemis. Aromacologist, herbalist, and plant medicine guru. She is the founder and owner of, a line of pure, clean essential oils, elixirs, skin care and oral care products. They are amazing and a must try for those of you trying to detoxify your body care and improve oral health.
Today Nadine and I discuss her beginnings, her passion about essential oils, her deep dive into creating her own line of divine body care products and her deep understanding of oral health.
You will want to check out this podcast for details on how to heal your mouth and your body, or simply want to upgrade your body care. Nadine is a wealth of knowledge on healing the mouth, the teeth and the human body with the wonders of nature.

Visit her at Listen for a 5% discount code at the end of the podcast!


Nadine’s Website:

Oral Myofascial Therapy

Stop mouth breathing here and here.


Important time markers:

Nadine starts discussing her dental health research  16:20

We discuss the Dentinal Lymphatic Fluid Flow, the “Invisible Toothbrush” as Nadine Calls it:  18:40

Oral Microbiome:  29:00

Trifecta of Periodontal Perfect Storm:  29:20

Periodontal Scorched Earth Policy on bacteria . 29:56

Root Canal issues:  31:00

Bacteria in our mouths, biofilms, quorum sensing and how Essential oils prevent quorum sensing:  35:00

How do we find the right dentist and hygienist and preparing for your next dental visit:  40:00

Stop, Seal and Seed: 43:30


Thank you Nadine!!!

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