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Podcast #12 with Robb Wolf- Wired to Eat, Ancestral Health and Kids


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8:30-  Robb gives his background story and how he discovered the Paleo Diet Template that “saved his life”

16:30- We discuss what the Paleo diet really is, what Ancestral Health means and why it helps to inform our decisions about diet and lifestyle as well as provides a vantage point from which to understand some of the modern human health woes

25:36-  Robb tells about his experience at Chico state and retells a story from “The Paleo Solution” about how the anthropology department embraced the Paleo diet template and how the nutritional science department rejects the idea

27:50 – Robb tells a story (probably new to most of you) about how his book was read by a cardio-thoracic surgeon in Chico and wanted Robb to speak at the hospital, but there was too much push back

30:22- Robb talks about Wired to Eat concepts, the Discordance Hypothesis, Optimum Foraging Strategy, hyper-palatability of foods, and Palate fatigue

33:00- We discus how his book is so much more than a diet book, and how people should stop beating themselves up so much about not have the discipline and control when dieting- we discuss the other aspects that play an important role in overall health and weight loss

38:00-  how to deal with our wiring, palate fatigue and hyper-palatability of food- solutions

42:30- how the food industry is using the Ancestral health idea to figure out how to make our food MORE addictive and the powers that be refuse to acknowledge how important our genetic wiring is

40:30-  we discuss kids, how we can set them up for success and teach them to thrive with the understanding of this wiring and in accordance with their genetics

53:20-  kids and gluten, parties and treats

1:00:00-  Personal question about weight loss, insulin sensitivity and what someone like me can and should be eating

1:06:00-  Gut issues and Blood Glucose, how SIBO plays into this

1:09:00- Robb’s Kids’ favorite foods, snack ideas for kids

You MUST read Robb’s bonus Chapter, “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.”  

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