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Podcast #17 with Functional Medicine Colleague Dr. Mike Nelson

Dr. Mike and I dive deep into the definition of Functional Medicine, the reason why it is the next phase of medicine, and why it is so needed in our modern medical paradigm.  Dr. Mike has been practicing, studying, and perfecting his FM practice for over 25 years.  He has learned from and collaborated with the biggest names in Functional Medicine and he is right here in Reno, Nevada!  His new line of supplements called Brain Bean is cutting edge Gut-Brain optimizing, immune modulating, Anti-inflammatory Brain food.  We discuss Alzheimers and concussion and how his supplements can be incorporated into these and many other disease process prevention protocols.  We discuss how to use a couple of them in the podcast.  Any further questions about the products or the Omega Test can be directed to Dr. Mike on Facebook at Brain-Bean or myself.


Facebook @brain-bean


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