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Rock your gut health with Dr. Katania launches this summer!

Get a glimps of it here!

Testimonials on Dr. Katania’s Gut Healing Programs:

“After months of suffering from gastrointestinal disease, I am now symptom-free thanks to Katania’s caring guidance that helped me discover the probable causes of the symptoms and the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to mitigate and eliminate them. Her holistic approach to good intestinal health has enabled me to live my active life once again”.


“I have been seeing Dr. Taylor for approximately four months.  In that short amount of time she has been able to help me address GI issues that I have been struggling with for many years.  When I first came to Dr. Taylor I was dealing with nausea, acid reflux and irregular bowel movements.  With a combination of diet, supplements and her treatments, I feel good and am leading a normal life.  Her protocols are effective and she has a wonderful, compassionate approach to her patients.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Taylor to help with GI issues.


This Program is for you if:

  • you struggle with ongoing pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, heart burn, indigestion
  • you have been struggling with GI symptoms with no resolution
  • you have seen multiple doctors, with no results
  • you have changed your diet, but are still having symptoms
  • you have resolved most of your gut health issues, but still have some nagging issues you cannot figure out
  • you think your gut issues are affecting other aspects of your health
  • you don’t have gut issues, but have skin problems, brain fog, headaches, mood issues that have not responded to treatment- these are likely coming from your gut!

This program may not be for you if:

  • you are a vegan- my experience and specialty does not equip me to support a vegan diet through this program
  • you are not willing to make dietary and lifestyle changes and unwilling or unable to take supplements

This Program is for you if you understand that your GI health affects EVERY other system in the body and you are ready to ONCE AND FOR ALL take control back of your life, your gut and get back to what really matters!

What you will get in the Program:

  • 2 lectures that take about 30-50 mins to watch. You will want to revisit the lectures as you go through the program
  • Weekly Group Zoom calls
  • video tutuorials
  • DIY recipes
  • shopping lists
  • links to purchase products
  • printable Plan to follow
  • Private Facebook Page for community and support
  • direct access to Dr. Katania through the Facebook Group and email support


Rock your gut today!


Testimonial from Laura: 

Katania’s program was very informative. The weekly video was convenient for my busy schedule. The zoom calls helped to clarify details and answer specific questions I had regarding the health tips. It was also encouraging to chat with other people who were also working on the program. I’m a very health conscious individual and enjoy educating myself on nutrition. Some of the program discussed topics I’m familiar with, however I found the review refreshing. Other topics were discussed in further detail giving me a greater understanding and also a plan for implementing positive changes in my family’s routine. I’m glad I have access to the program for 6 mo so I can refresh my knowledge with videos or reference the files as needed. Overall I recommend this program to individuals and families just starting to learn healthy habits as well as those who feel they have more experience.

Testimonial from Rachel on Cavity Prevention Program: 

I’m a mom of three and I became a client of Katania’s hoping to improve my family’s overall health and put a stop to the cavities we were battling. Katania listened to my concerns and addressed them with a personalized program, and I’m happy to say that we’ve had great results! I am now confident that we are getting the nutrients we need, and my kids are cavity-free!! Katania doesn’t just make recommendations; she explains them in an understandable way that makes sense. She also provides the tools to succeed and is a constant resource, which was imperative to our success. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about health and prevention, and I love having her as a professional resource for my family’s wellness needs.  ~Rachel 

Still unsure of this program? Contact me today so I can put all of your fear aside

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