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Supplements for ADD/ADHD

I will be adding to these supplements as I research, but in my clinical experience the following 2 supplements can be tried in children with ADD or ADHD when a Nutrient Dense diet is already in place.  See my Program and several blog posts on what this looks like.  But when diet is not enough, the following supplements may make a difference.  I would love your feedback after you have tried these.


  1. Magnesium Threonate.  I recommend this brand.  Dosage:  Start with 1 pill at night for 3 nights.  Increase by 1 pill every 3 nights to a max dose of 4 pills.  Mag Threonate has less likelihood of causing diarrhea- but magnesium in general does loosen stools.  So increase the dose slowly to watch for this side effect and if it does occur, decrease dose slightly.  The goal is to take the dose that the bowels tolerate.
  2. EPA/DHA – high does omega-3 fatty acids have been studied and proven to help with behavioral, mood, attention and neurological disorders.  In fact there is new ADD medication out that is an Omega 3 fatty acid called Vayarin.  The brand I recommend is this one.  It is liquid and high dose and requires a small serving daily.  Dosage:  1 tsp contains 4,600mg of EPA and DHA.  I recommend starting a small child on 1/4 tsp; a teenager at 1/2 tsp daily with food.  You may go up to a full tsp if needed for a teenager; for under 70 lbs I would not go past 1/2 tsp without supervision from a healthcare practitioner. The higher doses can cause blood thinning, bleeding and bruising, so be aware.
  3. Bonus:  Neurocalm is another neurologically calming supplement you could try if the other two aren’t enough.  Follow dosing on bottle.

I wanted to get these recommendations our fast.  I am not going to go into detail on the hows and the whys here.  I am working with clients in my Program who needed some additional support in their regimen.  If you are not working closely with me or another qualified Health Care Practitioner, use caution with the above recommended supplements.

You can also sign in to order your own supplements from my Practitioner store here.

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