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“I consulted with Dr. Katania Taylor in 2014 after experiencing periodic, yet severe lower abdominal pain at certain times of the  month…. which then turned into daily problems.

After discussing all of my symptoms with Dr. Taylor, she advised that she believed that my issues were gynecological and not GI. She advised me to rule out the GI problem to be sure, so I did visit a GI specialist and the results of all of the tests were clear and my GI tract was in tip top shape!

I then went to a Gynecological specialist and it turned out that my issues were indeed gynecological as Dr. Taylor had suspected. I had severe endometriosis and was in need of a hysterectomy immediately to avoid having my bladder evastatingly affected by the problems. I am very thankful that I had Dr. Taylor (who knew what the problem was upon the first consultation) and I plan to have ongoing consultations with her in the future about my health issues and my body. “

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