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One of the most frustrating parts about Endometriosis is that doctors are often very dismissive of symptoms and they often do not believe the symptoms could even be part of the disease. Dr. Taylor has been so amazing in helping me sort through my symptoms and struggles with Endo. She is compassionate and really listens to the types of issues I have and she helps me work out how they may be aligned with my cycle and what we can do to address them. The acupuncture is amazing for pain relief and GI relief, and it brings me a great deal of anxiety relief also. The supplements she prescribes for me have been a huge game changer to help me manage this disease and she constantly monitors to see if anything needs to be added or changed. She’s also been a great resource for natural remedies and she’s always there to answer any questions you might have. Incorporating acupuncture and supplements in your routine is a must for Endo, and Dr. Taylor has such a wealth of knowledge and so much compassion for this and other female issues.



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