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I think, like many, I was initially skeptical about acupuncture and anything that wasn’t traditional, familiar Western Medicine. But six years ago, the chronic body pain that I constantly suffered had reached a breaking point.  Unwilling to try heavy medications, I was taking five to six ibuprofens at a time, several times a day. I remember sitting in my car, crying because the pain was so unbearable. A friend had suggested acupuncture and at the time, I had laughed at the idea that tiny needles could even touch what was ravaging my body every day – but I had reached the point of opening my mind, and body, to anything.

By my third acupuncture session with Katania, I was no longer relying on ibuprofen to get me through the day. This was the first time in my adult life that I was not in daily, chronic pain! It was amazing! This began a journey that has transformed my life and the way I approach food and healing.

During our sessions, Katania always begins with open questions about how my body is feeling—and then, she listens carefully, following up with deeper questions, getting to the root of what is really happening in my body. Although she began by working on my chronic body pain, Katania quickly discerned that the cause for the pain was originating from my poor gut health and my decidedly SAD diet. She began to work on healing my gut, and subsequently, my body. Katania’s vast knowledge about deep nutrition and how to achieve it in my body has changed the way my family approaches food and health.  Cleansing and refining my diet has transformed and energized my life, freeing me from pain and medication.

With Katania’s guidance, I have rid my body of chronic pain, breakouts, constant bloating, allergies, hyperhidrosis, lack of energy, and idiopathic hypersomnia. It has been a liberating experience – I have a healthy life I would not otherwise have had. I cannot thank Katania enough for her  knowledge.

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