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Let’s start with what makes sense for you and your family.

This website and the one-on-one work I do lets me share the good, the bad and the “what-was-I-thinking?”

I’m here to remind you that you’re not alone in making decisions to help your family live healthy. When you work with KT, you’re working with a fellow mom with 15 years of clinical experience and a strategy to help.

The first step begins with a chat. We’ll go over all of your questions, no matter how quirky or complex. Then I’ll give you the info and the steps to build a foundation to resolve these issues once and for all.

Dr. Taylor found my problem in the first consultation!

“I consulted with Dr. Katania Taylor in 2014 after experiencing periodic, yet severe lower abdominal pain at certain times of the month…. which then turned into daily problems.

After discussing all of my symptoms with Dr. Taylor, she advised that she believed that my issues were gynecological and not GI. She advised me to rule out the GI problem to be sure, so I did visit a GI specialist and the results of all of the tests were clear and my GI tract was in tip top shape!

I then went to a Gynecological specialist and it turned out that my issues were indeed gynecological as Dr. Taylor had suspected. I had severe endometriosis and was in need of a hysterectomy immediately to avoid having my bladder evastatingly affected by the problems. I am very thankful that I had Dr. Taylor (who knew what the problem was upon the first consultation) and I plan to have ongoing consultations with her in the future about my health issues and my body.

— Christy | Reno, Nevada

It starts with your N.E.S.T.

09-2016-kt-nest-program-coverBuilding your NEST will transform your family’s health patterns, I promise. We’ll forget all the trends and hoopla and take a look at the health basics. After you give me the lowdown, I’ll customize a simple plan across these four areas, addressing the million little things that are keeping you up at night.

By looking at what I call the NEST areas (Nutrition, Exercise, Supplements and Thinking), we can help correct and prevent countless health issues all-too-commonly experienced by today’s families.


Programs that work for you.

There are over 7 billion people in this world, more than 2 billion have personal computers and all of them have an opinion on the best health and wellness practices.

There’s a lot of information out there, and it’s all contradictory.

With so much information, it’s hard to keep up. The eastern diet says one thing and the western diet says the exact opposite. And neither of them have all the answers to your most complicated health questions. Should I swear by oatmeal or shun it? Does my child’s attention span have to do with his gluten intolerance or just the fact that he sat in a classroom for 6 hours?

Every family has different nutritional needs and those needs are faced with a myriad of obstacles:

  • Jam-packed schedules
  • Dietary limitations
  • Picky Palettes
  • Information overload.
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